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This is basically a lot of legal speak to help protect us in case of any issues arising. To help you understand it the headers will be in plain english.

We are here to give you our recordings. That being said we work hard on our stuff so don’t steal it from us. If you want to do something ask first. It’s ok, we don’t bite… usually. We have the ability to ban you from our site (you won’t be able to see or download any of our stuff.) and we will if you break the law or threaten the safety of our content (but we can do it even if we just feel like it.)

This website(domain:”aintsaintsradio.com”) is made available to you for free by aint Saints RADIO(“We” “Us” “Our”) for the purpose of distributing our media content(Audio files, images, text). You(“You” “Your” “User”) are authorized to use this website to listen to our media content, and download our content for non-comercial use. We reserve the right to revoke access to our content for any reason.

You may not re-host, edit, modify, or display any of our content, without prior written permission from ain’t Saints RADIO.
Any permissions granted to you by ain’t Saints RADIO does not indicate or imply a transfer of ownership, or copyright. We retain all copyrights and ownerships of ain’t saints RADIO content
Any download of our content is not a transfer of copyright, or ownership. We retain ownership of all ain’t Saints RADIO content.

This just means we don’t want to pollute our page with a whole bunch of notices every time we change something. So you should, every so often, take a look around.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to post, edit, modify, or delete any or all of our content without warning, notice, or reason. To include(but not exclusively) this legal notice. It is solely your responsibility to review this notice.

Pretty self explanatory. Stuff on our pages is ours, except when it’s not.

All content on aintsaintsradio.com is the property of ain’t Saints RADIO, except where otherwise stated.

We talk a lot of shit. If we talk about “news” don’t take it too seriously. We may say where we got our information, that doesn’t mean we are connected to those places.

We occasionally report on “news.” Such reports are not to be considered accurate, and do not necessarily have any merit, or reason. Any such reports are not legal or personal advice, and do not represent any contract between you and us. At times we cite our sources of such reports. That citation is not to be construed as a connection or affiliation to such sources.

Again, we talk a lot of shit. Don’t take us too seriously.

All content is intended for entertainment purposes. At no time do we encourage you to perform any action, give personal or legal advice, or advocate for any activities. All content is the personal opinions of those who stated it.

If you comment, you are saying that you are not plagiarizing anything and you give us permission to display your comment. Also we moderate our comment section, so don’t spam us, all your doing is making more work for the website manager. (and spamming is a sure fire way to get banned from the website.)

We may allow some or all of our content to be commented on. By commenting on any or all of our content you give Aint Saints Radio, a permanent license to use, distribute, modify, and display all content of said comments.You agree that by commenting on aintsaintsradio.com you are legally allowed to give Aint Saints Radio said license. Commenting on our content does not entitle you to any rights, privileges, or ownership of Aint Saints Radio content. Comments are displayed at Aint Saints Radio’s sole discretion. We reserve to right to moderate, alter, or remove comments at our sole discretion.

While we do our best to make sure our site is safe, we are not omnipotent, it is possible we could be hacked, or our software will not work for you. Don’t blame us.

Aint Saints Radio is provided as is. With no claims explicit or implied of any warranty. By viewing or using aintsaintsradio.com or any Aint Saints Radio content you agree to hold Aint Saints Radio, its members or employees blameless for any damages either direct or indirect from your use of Aint Saints Radio content.

Our servers automatically record your ip address when you view our content. That means you are not anonymous on our website. We use this to see how many people are looking at our stuff, and encase of security issues. We don’t sell it and only a search warrant issued by a US judge will make us hand them over.

Our servers record internet protocol addresses, and other potential personally identifying information. This information is used exclusively for site traffic analysis and data security. We do not sell any information of our users to other parties except where legally required to do so.

You agree to this stuff just by viewing our content.

By viewing, using, or accessing aintsaintsradio.com or any connected site or service you agree to these terms and conditions.

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