Some changes


So we died for a little bit, but we’re getting back too it… starting with a major server upgrade. That being said, things will be a little funky for a little while, while we sort out the kinks from transferring our website to our new server.

We know that some of the audio links are not currently working on our page. We’re working on the issue. For now, you can find our podcasts at our patreon page

Time off

So we are going on a hiatus until 8/28/2019. In this time we want to work on making sure what happened earlier this year doesn’t happen again (the very spotty releases,) and work on getting our store set up (our test orders were not satisfactory, and we don’t want to be selling garbage.) We hope to see you then! (but if not we understand.)


On October 20, 2018 we will be preforming our annual maintenance to our websites. We expect that any interruption will be minor, however, you know what they say, “tell a demon your plans, and he’ll shoot you in the face.”

Beat that equifax

So, some of you probably noticed something a little bit odd when coming here this morning to get our podcast. Early this morning we detected a breach of our websites security, and knowing that today would generate higher than normal traffic, we chose to disable our pages, rather than risk something bad happening. We did this not knowing what if anything was compromised.

The Good news:

  • since we aren’t an invasive company trying to steal all your information there was nothing for a thief to steal from our servers.
  • At this time, the website has been deemed safe to reopen and today’s podcast will be posted shortly

The Bad news:

  • Because of this incident, our website will be undergoing upgrades over the rest of the week, which may lead to spotty service. We hope that this will not be too invasive.

Thank you for your continued patience with us.


First off, we’re almost done with our software testing so stay tuned for our very first live show announcement in the next couple weeks.

Second, Our website will be temporarily unavailable while we preform our yearly maintenance on 1/27/2018 at 5:00pm. We don’t expect our services to be unavailable for more than an hour.

News, and Updates

This week our show will be on schedule

Next week we will be taking off for the holiday. (probably)

We plan on having a show for 1/3/2018 (however because we record the show on Sunday, that is subject to change.)

Also, you might have noticed that a few months ago we announced we were going to try and move into doing a live show, and scheduled that for the first(ish) week of December. Because we were working with third party software, an issue developed between our testing phase and rollout. However, it is still in the works, and hopefully you will be able to join us for our first live show in the beginning of next year. Look here, or on our Facebook page for updates.

From all of us at ain’t Saints Radio, Have a happy, and safe holidays!



Our website and services will be down starting on Saturday, August 26 for some much needed maintenance and updates. We don’t foresee this taking longer than a day, and plan to be back online by Sunday the 27th. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.