A win and a loss.

Well, as you’ve noticed, we have our new page up and running. But unfourtunately this weekend when we were schedualed to record this weeks show the equipment decided it was going on strike. After a two hour clusterfuck of trying to fix a mac (god I hate macs.) we decided if we did do a recording it would suffer because of the frustration people were feeling. Rather than intentionally giving you a crappy show, we decided to cancel this weeks show. Hopefully, next week we will be back in working order, and will have a show ready for you.

They’re Here

Welcome ladies and gentleman to the ain’t Saints Radio new, and somewhat improved website. As you might notice we finally gave up and converted into a wordpress powered page. Ideally this means more stuff on this page, and slightly faster updates, but I suppose that will remain to be seen. (I wouldn’t hold your breath.) That being said, there are a few more features in the works (but they seem a lot easier in theory than practice.) For now tho, enjoy some of our new features, or check out our podcast page.