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We at the ain’t saints crew would like to Issue a very special thanks to our patreon supporters. It means the world that you would be willing to help shoulder the financial burden of producing this show. With your continued support, we can focus on producing a better show.

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Due to the nature of our show and the fact that this is all public, names of our patrons default to “anon” unless otherwise requested.


So, those most aware, might have noticed something of a typo in the title of our recent episode. Well yes, and no. We have been grinding ourselves to the bone trying to get an episode recorded and edited by tuesday morning. We have managed to keep to that schedule for a very long time, however things outside of the podcast have changed for some of our members. We’re dedicated to producing the best product we can, and it is no longer realistic to get it all done in the course of 25 hours. So, we are changing our release day from tuesday to wednesday. Actually we were gonna make that change this week, but the route this weeks show took we decided to postpone that change.

We really hope this wont effect your enthusiasm for the show, and hope to see you next wednesday at 10am.

Sex addiction

Добро пожаловать дамы и господа к не святые радио подкаста!

мы говорим о наркомании секса. мы делаем это, как почтительно, как мы можем

For those who are not yet fluent in the language of our new overlords, we are covering sexaholics.

The sites we got the shit from


Remember a while back when we were having issues with people stealing our stuff… well when that happened we issued a Terms of Service. So we’ve been thinking and it’s been a while since an update. (well technically this message is a bit late but.)

Anyhoot, Yes it’s still around and we have made some changes, including simplified text so it’s easy to understand. I know, I know your thinking “ah great another million page thing that I really should read, but I just don’t have the time.” Trust me it’s really not so bad, and you should probably check it out every so often. Terms of Service