A call for Submissions?

So, I have unilaterally decided to start a side project, on the spur of the moment. I have always wanted to make the podcast more interactive, and never found a good way to do it, (and whilst a litany of other ideas are in the works, lets be honest, they are still months away.) so instead I thought it would be interesting to start a side blog that is sort of a what to expect when going into aa for the first time. My idea is personal accounts of what you experienced in your early days of meetings, things you weren’t expecting, what you were expecting. or what you experienced when you loved ones/friends acquaintances went into aa. not the whitewashed experiences but the nitty gritty. and how you overcame it, if you overcame it. basically i want us to write a how to survive your early days in sobriety tutorial.

So if your interesting shoot an email to submissions@aintsaintsradio.com