December 14, Net Neutrality

On December 14, the FCC will vote on repealing a set of regulations on ISPs put in place in 2015, prohibiting them from throttling customers bandwidth. Despite the overwhelming outcry of the US population against this action, FCC chairman Ajit Pai is pushing forward with this vote. Ajit Pai states that even without these regulations the FTC will protect consumers, overlooking the fact that the FTC can only sanction ISPs if they blatantly lie about their policies (and a pending court case that could neuter the FTC in regards to regulating ISPs.)

What is net neutrality?

Net neutrality is a set of regulations imposed by the FCC (Federal Communications Commision) on ISPs(Internet Service Providers) limiting their control over where you,as a customer, can go online.

Why does net neutrality matter?

Without the regulation imposed by the FCC, ISPs can force you to pay extra for access to websites, or outright block you from accessing them.

Who is affected by net neutrality?

Everyone. If you own a small business, ISPs can hold your website hostage for huge, often bank breaking, fees. If you’re a gamer who plays online, or just do most of your game purchases online, ISP’s can slow your connection to a crawl, making it impossible to play or download. If you love streaming movies (or porn) from your media streaming site, ISP’s could look at that and ask for an additional fee, or charge the site a ransom, which will raise your prices. If you love your social media, your ISP could decide to block it because they don’t like the content being shown on it. Even if you don’t live in America, if you love your youtube, or Hulu, ¬†those services are principally hosted in the US, which means this decision will affect you too.

What you can do about it?

If you are a small business owner, a gamer, if you love your online movies(and porn), if you like browsing the web and not being censored in the things you post, join the aint Saints Radio team in calling for Congress to exercise its mandate to oversee the dealings of the FCC, and ensure the voice of the people is heard.
If you don’t know who your representative is you can call the Congressional switchboard at (202)224-3121, or you can find your representatives contact info in this list- ¬†

1 thought on “December 14, Net Neutrality

  1. Ok, now that that is said, lets be real for a moment. In this political climate, there is nothing that will stop the repeal of net neutrality on December 14. (That being said it is still important to call your representative and express your outrage at the FCC for ignoring the comments submitted by the public.) So the question is, what happens now? In the best case scenario, enough people can bring economic pressure on the ISPs themselves to prevent them from making drastic changes. However, the pervasive nature of the internet does not really allow people to say “I will cancel my service.” That and the fact that most areas have only one service provider makes it tremendously difficult to stage any real form of protest. In the worst case scenario, this will stagnate internet technology, and businesses, while giving ISPs record breaking profits.

    This is the outcome when the electorate installs people in places of power who fundamentally don’t believe in the systems that they are installed to uphold. Often touted in these situations is freedom. However, the freedom these people are after isn’t freedom, it’s monopolies and the consolidation of power: both of which are polar opposite to the tenets of free market capitalism, and democracy. Too much of the peoples power has become eroded by the power of money in the “democratic” process. Consistently we have witnessed those in power, on both sides of the isle, disregard the public interest in favor of their economic backers.

    Also in the news this week, was the tax plan that will cut the taxes on those making the most money in the country, while raising taxes on the poor and middle class. Both the Senate and House passed different bills, but some of the commonalities were: no more student loan deduction, no more state tax deduction, no more homeowner tax deduction. Also due to the MASSIVE deficit it will generate, it automatically cuts medicare, and medicaid which millions of people rely on. The argument for these measures: “it will create jobs.” Despite historical evidence that every time there is a tax cut on the so called “job creators,” employment rates go down. The last time the US government instituted sweeping tax breaks for the richest of americans, what happens? Oh ya that’s right… the economic crash from 2007-2010.

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