I’m Gerald. All my life I’ve said what I thought other people wanted to hear. 
Never again. From now on I’m gonna say exactly what’s on my mind or what I think needs to be said. I was and still am a class clown and I finally found the perfect medium to get away with it. 

I am a recovering drug addict and alcoholic. This silly little radio show is part of my redemption. 
I promise to tell it like it was. The good the bad and yes…. the ugly. I will also give the willing, a forum to tell their story. It took 50 years to learn to love myself. I hope I can help others to do the same. Being able to laugh at ourselves and to be able to find the humor in the most painful memories is one of the greatest gifts Alcoholics Anonymous has given me. Laughter Heals.

That Said…..
Lets Take A Ride On The Darkside