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A Moment Of Realization

Find yourself in a moment. Remember. See, if you can, the change that has happened.
In this world nothing is certain. Change is a good thing, despite how it feels some times. It reminds us that we are alive. However, very often we are the last to see the changes within ourselves. By the time we notice, it’s already long in the past. It is important to take note of the changes we undergo. That is not to say we dwell on the past, reliving who we used to be, but rather noticing how quickly life happens. Remembering the sacrifices of the past, drawing strength from the hardships faced, and overcome, and finding the will to push forward onto new lessons.
Find yourself in a moment. See all the things that throw our lives into disarray. Embrace the change, and Find yourself in a moment.


Pain in the fit of rage,
Words said, things done,
That’ll never change
The past now gone.

Hatred, transformed to the tear,
Rolling down my face.
Things done out of fear,
Love, pushed away, without a trace.

Clinging to my shallow hope
That all has not withered ‘way.
Knowing I could not cope,
The price too high to pay.

Heart torn in two.
Sweet bliss turned sour.
Nothing left to do,
But end with a flower.

The Need For Change

Find yourself in a moment. Realize it is all you have. Ask yourself “How do I receive this gift?”
The past, and future disguise what is truly important. We hide behind our fears of the future, our regrets of the past, and forsake our present. The only time we can take action is right now: all the rest is illusion.
Within the moment anything is possible, when you make it. How we choose to act defines our moments. Do we choose the same things that have failed us, limited us: or do we choose to open ourselves to new possibilities.
Find yourself in a moment. Receive it for what it is. Act without any bias, watch as the world remakes itself.
Find yourself in a moment.—–

Blood Stained Hands

Hands stained of evil,
Thoughts broken with unforgiving disparity
Ideas, unaware of the pain they cause.

As the pen pierces my heart,
Knowledge once within, escapes me,
Lost in the calculations, without a hope,

Forests of crumpled paper, gather on the floor
My hands, relentlessly struggle, to yet no avail.
With each new draft, answers slowly die.

Fighting for the solution, unseen.
Suffering over the incompatible math
Every possibility seems so flawed.

Chances, of love rekindled, nearly gone.
Divided by 2 with each new misconception.

My hand breaks, blood now flows.

Answers, covered thick in red.
Total failure in the books.
One true love, lost forever

Perfect Action

Find yourself in a moment. In that moment, see beyond it. Realize the consecutive and infinite chain of moments. Feel the effects of your actions around you and realize the reactions of such choices. Understand “free will.”
Move beyond the shallow and meaningless ways of acting based purely on the perpetuation of momentary satisfaction. Shed yourself of the illusory meanings that we hide behind.
Find yourself in a moment, and act for a pure and perfect future. Relinquish yourself to a greater good; and in so, find yourself in your new, changed form. Find yourself in a moment.

Gender Roles

A ship in a bottle,
lost without
somebody else.

Waiting for
the sailor,
the broken glass.

Cant take my chances,
take my chances,
in the wind,
on the sea.

without my sailor.

Old habits,
Die so

Be the hero,
Save the world.

Never show
How much your scared,
even when
your all alone.

Hold your own,
Never stand aside.

Staying true
right to
the very end.

I’m tired of being
what they want of me.
Why cant I be my ownself?

I wanna
take charge,
and be the boss.

I want to
wear a suit,
and not get
funny looks.

I want the GI joes,
and still have my barbie dolls.

Soccer and sports
just aint my thing.
Why cant I
Sing and dance

Not be afraid
to cry, or shine,
to show my thing.

I wanna be
The tender one too.

Im not this someone else
Nor do I want to be.

Lowered Education; or Ponzi Learning

Why do we seem to have an inherent trust of greedy people in all things. It appears, these days, that the way of the corporation is the go to path for all the issues, whether it’s sewage treatment or war. Now with the current administration, it’s highly likely that we will see more and more private schools popping up. While the public schools get gutted, standards get raised to impossible levels, and just generally making it impossible to function. All while private schools standards get lower and lower.

It’s no secret that betsy devos our new secretary of education doesn’t believe in publicly funded education, well at least any further than the publicly funded part. But there is a real danger here. Ok granted the republicans in power believe that this is a grab everything you can as fast as you can game, and in some cases it is less reprehensible. However, we are talking, literally, about the future of our country. The actions she takes, or doesn’t take, can and will have long lasting consequences for real people. You sell off the roadways, ok so people are inconvenienced, you sell off the schools and you fuck up kids lives, for the rest of their lives.

I’m not apposed to the idea of choice in education, nor am I so blind as to think that the public education system is perfect (rather far from it, I watched a video on “common core” math, and my head was spinning.) but, the type of “choice” or “reform” betsy devos, and by association the republican power holders are in favor of isn’t about making education better, it’s about making their wallets heavier.

A Solution to the Global Warming “issue”

So I’ve come up with what I think is a great solution to the global warming “issue.” (I put it in quotations to annotate the fact that it is a political issue, not a scientific one.) My solution is this: make a law that says, if you deny global warming while in political office, you must buy global warming insurance. deduct money directly from their paychecks, and if they don’t earn enough to pay their share, increase their tax percentage. This is insurance that will cover the inevitable destruction that comes about due to the effects of a warmer, and CO2 rich environment. It covers the cost of the entire infrastructure of the US, plus an additional 1000% to help cover the costs that come from the decreased global security that is a result of climate change. The insurance is payable to anyone (and everyone) who looses property, has damaged property or has medical expenses due to global warming. It will also cover state and national infrastructure as well as pay for new necessary infrastructure such as water desalinization plants and a national water distribution system. It should also fund efforts to de-acidify the oceans, and build fish and wildlife sanctuaries. And less not we forget, correct the underlying issues of global climate change.

Why is it that the republicans always preach about personal responsibility when it comes to everyone else, yet are allowed to shirk all of their own responsibility. They refuse to pay their fair share in taxes, instead leaving the poor and middle class to pick up their share of the bills. They bitch and moan about the poor having entitlements, when in fact its the rich corporations who refuse to pay a living wage. And of course refuse to accept that we as a people are causing catastrophic and irreparable damage to our ecosystem. I for one say “Put up or shut up.”

So, let’s all join together and make sure people take personal responsibility for their actions. Who’s with me?

Purified Thought

Find yourself in a moment and shed away your cynical nature. Realize that that moment is all you have. Open your mind to the universe around you, find yourself within. See the others around you, friends enemies strangers. See them for what they are; go beyond the hate, anger even friendships and understand they all have a part to play. Accept that we are all part of the same whole. Contemplate that we all have but a moment on this unstable bridge; however, the way we think can effect our lives. Open yourself to the need for sacrifice.
In the moment anything is possible. Dreams given form, or shattered to ash. Open yourself to all those possibilities, and realize within them the meaning of everything