So, we need to have a chat

So for almost 2 years we’ve been doing this show. We’ve been doing it for free, for everyone (whether they want it or not.) But the truth is, it isn’t free for us. Even though jon handles the web work, the website is still an expense to run and maintain. Equipment needs are also a constant expense, not to mention the countless hours spent on the show, and new projects. (Have I gotten you good and warmed up for the pitch yet?) So we’re not gonna beg for your money, but, if you like what we do, it would mean a lot (like a real lot) if you could find it in your hearts(or wallets) to help us bear the financial burden.

oh I almost forgot, we are testing some new ideas on how to do live shows, and have community involvement in the shows. and some other stuff… but, only our patreon subscribers will have access to it (when we are done testing.)